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Cynthia Menard is a naturalist, blogger and nature writer. Most of her written work can be found on the Withywindle Blog. She has been published in The Observer, a professional journal for environmental educators, and has been a featured writer and guest blogger on several blogs. She has had articles selected by Blogher featured on their homepage, and has presented her work at a variety of professional conferences including the Northeast Wildlife Trackers Conference, and the New England Environmental Education Alliance’s annual summits and conferences.

Cynthia has self-published a collection of her more popular blog articles titled ‘Lessons from a Naturalist‘. Hard copies are available to purchase at our bookshop – Withywindle Books. She is currently looking for a publisher for her upcoming book on coyotes and wolves. For more on Cynthia, visit the About Withywindle page.


 Publications and Reviews
Cynthia has had several articles published in Massachusetts Environmental Education Society’s quarterly journal, The Observer:
A bibliographic record and summary of Cynthia’s Master’s Thesis can be found at:

A local news article reviewing a presentation by Cynthia at the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in 2008:

A short write-up of a tracking conference presentation by Cynthia on the History of Wolves in New England given in 2011


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