Book Pending: Middle Eastern Stories for Environmental Stewardship Needs Your Help!

The Garden of Widsom, Middle Eastern Stories for Environmental StewardshipMichael Caduto, accomplished author, storyteller and musician is working on the release of a new book of Middle Eastern stories called The Garden of Wisdom: Middle Eastern Stories for Environmental Stewardship. Michael is the author of many environmental education books which have become standards in our industry: Keepers of the Earth, Keepers of the Animals, A Guide to Nature in Freshwater Environments and more are found on many educator’s bookshelves (including mine).

This current book is a new angle on not only environmental education, but ways to find peace in the middle east. The potential this book brings as valuable resource in our rapidly evolving world is considerable. Please consider helping my friend and colleague Michael bring this book to publication – our world needs these stories now more than ever.  The need for funding is urgent, their deadline is this Tuesday, March 7 – visit to contribute. Please see the press release below for more information.

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Nature Study Class: Keeping A Nature Journal & Recording Observations

Drawing of a Nature Journal

I know that keeping a nature journal sounds pretty straightforward, but depending on your goal you can turn it into more than just a journal. One of the objectives for this class is to help participants look closer at the world around them. With this in mind I’d like to help make your journal a more effective tool and road map for your travels in nature.

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Coyote Resources on Pinterest

Mamma coyote and pups

Photo from

I know I’m late to the party, but I’ve finally discovered how addicting Pinterest can be. I’ve had an account for a while (you must have one if you want to view anything on their website, which I find annoying) but haven’t put any direction into it until today. On a whim I created a board on coyotes (what else), and immediately saw a tool for wildlife education. A conglomeration of news articles, photos and educational resources is starting to develop, easier to look through than the standard blog format, and I think this will continue to grow and be another avenue for disseminating helpful (and fun) information on coyotes, or any nature-focused topic in the future.

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Nature Focus Wordless Wednesday: Spider Close-Up

Nature Study: Spider Photograph

Photo by Obo Menard, 2015

Linking up with:

Nature Notes

Free Resources for Nature Study Class

Nature Study Site

As part of the free nature study program I’m running through the blog, I have created several resources that will be offered free to class participants.  How do you become a class participant? Simply by sharing your experiences each class in the comments section. It doesn’t matter when – the class is self-directed so you can join any time and take as long as needed between classes. And I’ve only published the first two; the third class will be available after January 1st. If you are joining us and let me know in the comments, I will email you the resources as they become available.

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