Eastern Coyote Resources

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Scientific Resources:
  • Beckoff, Marc, ed. Coyotes: Biology, Behavior and Management, Academic Press Inc., 1978 (this is the edition I used extensively for my Master’s research.  The book has since been reprinted by the Blackburn Press, 2001)P
  • Navarro, Cynthia, Tracking Survey of Fishers, Bobcat and Coyotes…, M.S. Thesis, Antioch University New England, 2002 (this is my Master’s Thesis, done under my maiden name).
  • Parker, Gerry, The Eastern Coyote: Story of its Success, Down East Books, 1995
  • Way, Jonathan, PhD., Suburban Howls: Tracking the Eastern Coyote in Urban Massachusetts, Dog Ear Publishing, 2007


General Resources:


  • God’s Dog,  Hope Ryden, Lyons & Burford, 1979 (has been reprinted by backinprint.com, 2005)
  • In Search of the New England Coyote, Peter Anderson, Globe Pequot Press, 1982
  • Track of the Coyote, Todd Wilkinson, NorthWord Press, 1995 ( presents the work of biologist Bob Crabtree who studied coyotes in Yellowstone National Park in the early ’90’s)
  • Voice of the Coyote, J. Frank Dobie, Bison Books, 2006

 Please note: This books listed above contain an affiliate link to Powell’s. If you purchase any product at Powell’s through one of the links on this page I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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