Windows on Wildlife: Reset (and Squirrel Tracks)

Windows on Wildlife is back after a month and a 1/2 absence!  Welcome to the 25th edition –  if you have a recent post about wildlife you would like to share (it can be anything: birds, insects, mammals…) scroll down to the end of the post and add your site. I will compile and post all additions the following week. Please don’t forget to link back here (I’d love it if you’d add the Windows on Wildlife button to your post which you can find on our sidebar) and visit other blogs that have articles to share. Thanks for stopping by!

I kept my promise to myself, and went out tracking this past Friday. I loved being in the woods with only my agenda to worry about – at least for a little while.  I didn’t find any coyote tracks on this trip; I’ll expand more on my tracking findings later in the week. But the snow was in really rough shape for track identification  Even though I found what were most likely tons of Gray Squirrel tracks, very few of them were truly identifiable as such. So if you’re having trouble recognizing the tracks in the photo above as squirrel, it’s not just you.

As Windows on Wildlife was on a bit of an unintentional hiatus, I’m not doing a recap this week. But I will have posts from this week highlighted in next week’s WoW. What have you been up to while I was away from the blog?  I’d love to see your wildlife posts….

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9 Responses to “Windows on Wildlife: Reset (and Squirrel Tracks)”
  1. Wildlife is hard to come by in my neck of the woods, due to the bitter coldness. My 4yo noted the “footpaw” in the frozen snow on our deck yesterday. (He thought our dog’s footprint in the snow looked pretty cool.)

    Welcome back! Looking forward to reading about your excursion.

    • Withywindle Nature says:

      You’d be surprised – wildlife is always closer than we think, even if we don’t see evidence of it. I would guess that you might have a lower diversity of critters near you because you live in a more developed area (you’re on a main road, correct?) as opposed to the cold weather – think about all the animals that lives up in the north woods of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. New England’s wildlife is pretty hardy. 🙂

      Love ‘footpaw’ – SO cute!

  2. Eileen says:

    It must be cool to id the animal tracks. I have plenty of squirrels here, their tracks are probably all over my yard. Welcome back! Have a happy week!

    • Withywindle Nature says:

      Thanks Eileen – it’s really good to be back. I’ve been mulling over the idea of offering some sort of online track identification class. Stay tuned!

  3. bettyl says:

    A fresh snow always brings many chances for great shots. Yours is just gorgeous!

  4. Nice to see you were able to get out and back on “track” so to speak. I love trying to figure out from tracks what has been by in the snow because at night there are more yard visitors than I see during the day…

    Thank you for your offer to help when I recover. I may take you up on that especially now that 30 people participate. I am glad that people all over look to nature to enjoy.. Michelle

    • Withywindle Nature says:

      You’re very welcome – I’d be glad to help if i can. I suppose it’s worth reminding ourselves that nature provides enjoyment, but healing also. It’s so easy to lose sight of that when life comes crashing down on you. But getting the chance to get out in, or even just observe nature provides it’s own healing.


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