Writing Educational Articles from the First Person Perspective

I’ve been busy working behind the scenes now that my site is self-hosted, and I’m feeling guilty because I haven’t posted in a few days. But actually, I wrote a post yesterday – I just didn’t get around to finishing it until today.

I’ve been trying to refine what perspective I want my blog to take. I don’t mean in terms of overall topic – I hashed that out pretty thoroughly in November and am at peace with the result. But I’ve written a variety of posts over the past several months and occasionally I’ve written informational articles that move away from opinion strictly to inform. And I’ve really enjoyed writing those, but am wondering how they are received. Here’s what’s got me questioning them:

I want my post to be personal, at least most of the time – even when I’m sharing information. Because those are the blogs I enjoy reading, the ones from the first-person perspective. I find I even learn better when someone takes the “I” perspective (here’s what I learned that I want to share with you… here’s why I think you want/need to know this). It makes you feel connected to the writer; like there’s someone there you want to reach out to and talk with. And for some reason that style of writing holds my interest better. Company or aggregate blogs don’t hold much interest for me unless I’m looking for specific information. There are certainly fantastic blogs out there that don’t take the first person perspective – they’re just not my preference.

So going back to my educational/informational articles, I’m wondering what other people enjoy reading. Do you also like the first-person perspective when learning about a topic? Or do you find it distracting, and want posts and articles that don’t have the first-person voice? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments…

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4 Responses to “Writing Educational Articles from the First Person Perspective”
  1. I really like the first person perspective. I think it makes me feel more connected to the writer. I appreciate hearing your opinions on the more educational articles because they are usually subjects I am not particularly knowledgeable on. I learn a lot from you blog that way!

    • Withywindle Nature says:

      Thanks Jennifer! And I agree – I definitely feel more connected to the writer when they use the first person perspective.

  2. Michelle says:

    I guess I like the first person, but you have to find what works best for the info you are providing…but since you are a naturalist presenting the natural world, you can use your own info in your own way..I think you do a wonderful job as an educator…Michelle

    • Withywindle Nature says:

      Thanks Michelle! I know I’m still working on finding my voice, and I’m sure that my posts will continue to evolve over time, but it helps to hear what people enjoy reading as I continue refining my work.

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