New Arrivals from Prime Books

Our new books from Prime Books publishers are up on the website, and we have them all listed at 10% off the publisher’s price. You can find them on our site in the small press section. There are a bunch more new arrivals – some new, some just new to us.  We’ll continue to post […]

Coming Soon – Weirdbook, Prime Books and More

Withywindle Books has been on it’s annual summer break – books are still available for sale through our website, but we haven’t added any new inventory for a few weeks. But never fear! Even though they’re not up on the website yet, we’ve been busy procuring new titles to offer up in a few weeks.  Among other […]

Locus Magazine Goes Digital

Locus Magazine, long a source for genre news, info and reviews (among other things) has announced that they’re now offering digital copies of their excellent magainze.  The subscription cost is slightly less expensive than the print: 6 months for $27.00 or $48.00 for the year, and includes includes pdf, e-pub and Kindle formats. More here: […]

Ten Overlooked Odd Speculative Fiction Classics

Anything with the word ‘odd’ in the title usually captures my attention.  Just stumbled (very belatedly) across four collections of “Ten Overlooked Odd Speculative Fiction Classics” via the SF Site. Added a bunch to my reading list (assuming I can find them).

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Sci-fi Hardcover Book Club Collection

Here’s a few of the new titles at Withywindle from a local collector….

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