My Day, One Explosion After Another

It’s nearly 7 PM and I’m just getting time to sit down and write a post for the day. And I only have about 5 minutes, so I’ll have to be brief.  Today was a day where pretty much everything fell apart. It started off with a power outage which is what got us out of […]

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Exploring the Outdoors when Nobody Wants to go Outdoors

We’ve all been there – as educators, parents/guardians or in some way in charge of youth, we’ve experienced those days when absolutely no one wants to be outside. The windchill is below 10°, or it’s storming, or just too dreary, cold or wet to accomplish any successful learning/exploration. But you’re in the position of wanting […]

Explaining 9-11 to a Seven-Year-Old

This is not what I had intended to write about today; I was planning on posting about my blogging award from Another Jennifer (thanks Jennifer!!), and possibly about our wood stove project which is more or less completed (we have a fire going in it as I type – hooray!!). But in case you haven’t […]

A Walk in the Woods

Due to other family happenings, I was home alone with my youngest son today. It was chilly, but sunny and I decided to drive him, our dog and myself down the road to a local nature center for a walk in the woods. In all of our previous treks (and snowshoeing hikes), our littlest has […]

Morning Routine Teetering on Chaos

My husband is a school teacher, and his school day starts at 7 AM, which means he leaves the house before 6, and I’m on my own with the boys (7 and 2 years old) in the mornings. It’s tough trying to get out of the house on time for work on an average morning, […]

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