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Ages ago – back before the calamitous year of 2013 – I had begun work on a coyote monitoring project to track and record the movements of our local coyotes. Although I didn’t get far in my initial endeavor (2013 happened), I’ve started working on this project again and will be blogging my observations and […]

New Page In the Eastern Coyote / Coywolf Section at Withywindle Nature

I was reviewing the Eastern Coyote information that I’ve gathered and shared over the years, and realized recently that it was missing a concise history of canines in the northeastern US. I’ve covered most of it in several different blog articles, but I want it to be more accessible and all in one place. So […]

Faith and Coyotes

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but for all my tracking, studying and researching coywolves (eastern coyotes) over the years, I hardly ever see them (not counting trapped & studied individuals).  I’ve seen my share of western coyotes (see my article on Coyote Morphology for the physical differences between coywolves and western coyotes) but here […]

Beaver Dams & Lodges

We took a walk at a local nature sanctuary (in north-central MA) yesterday and were amazed at the amount of fresh beaver activity along the river:

Encounter with a Garter Snake

The Quarterly Botanical – Medicinal Tree Barks

Barking Up the Right Tree: Medicinal Barks of Autumn By Maria Noël Groves, R.H. (AHG) Registered Clinical Herbalist, Wintergreen Botanicals, LLC Please Note: The information in this article has not been approved by the FDA and does not in any way intend to diagnose or prescribe. Always consult with your health practitioner before taking any […]

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