Nature Focus Wordless Wednesday: Spider Close-Up

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Wordless Wednesday – Mushrooms

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Encounter with a Garter Snake

Happy Belated Holidays from the Coyotes

A collegue of mine sent this photo to a few people as a bit of a joke. But knowing the popularity of coyote scat on my site, I had to share it. Apparently even coyotes have holiday spirit…

It’s Been a While! Photos from a Nature Walk + Updates

Yowza, I haven’t written since the end of August!  In no particular order here’s an update, upcoming info, and some photos  to catch up with everyone. In my unplanned hiatus from the Withywindle Nature Blog, I’ve decided to put Windows on Wildlife on hold for a while. I’m dealing with enough stress on my end, […]

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Windows on Wildlife: Milkweed Tussock Moth

Welcome to the 36th edition of the Windows on Wildlife Blog Carnival! If you have a recent post or photo about wildlife you’d like to share (it can be anything: birds, insects, mammals…) scroll down to the end of the post and add your site. I will compile and post a summary of all additions the following week. […]

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