Drawing of a Nature Journal

Nature Study Class: Keeping A Nature Journal & Recording Observations

I know that keeping a nature journal sounds pretty straightforward, but depending on your goal you can turn it into more than just a journal. One of the objectives for this class is to help participants look closer at the world around them. With this in mind I’d like to help make your journal a […]

Mamma coyote and pups

Coyote Resources on Pinterest

I know I’m late to the party, but I’ve finally discovered how addicting Pinterest can be. I’ve had an account for a while (you must have one if you want to view anything on their website, which I find annoying) but haven’t put any direction into it until today. On a whim I created a […]

Free Resources for Nature Study Class

As part of the free nature study program I’m running through the blog, I have created several resources that will be offered free to class participants.  How do you become a class participant? Simply by sharing your experiences each class in the comments section. It doesn’t matter when – the class is self-directed so you […]

Nature Study Program – 2nd Installment, Mapping Where You Are

In the first nature study post, I talked about finding a ‘sit spot’; someplace near where you live or work where you can spend some uninterrupted time observing the natural world. Your spot doesn’t have to be remote or in an undeveloped area. Quite the opposite – I would like your sit spot to someplace […]

Free Online Nature Study Class

Ages ago – back before the calamitous year of 2013 – I had begun work on a coyote monitoring project to track and record the movements of our local coyotes. Although I didn’t get far in my initial endeavor (2013 happened), I’ve started working on this project again and will be blogging my observations and […]

Nature & Outdoor Activities Page and More Resources

If you hover your mouse over the programs tab on the top menu, you will see a new page: Activity Write-Ups and Outdoor Info.  I’ve written a number of articles in the past few years about teaching and leading groups outdoors.  There are resources, activities and teaching suggestions & ideas for parents, teachers and group […]

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