Climate Change Rant

I was running an errand the other evening, when a song came up on the radio that I hadn’t heard  in quite a while. It’s ‘Ship of Fools’ by the band World Party, and  I never really paid much attention to the lyrics and their meaning before now, although I’ve always liked it. Hearing it […]

Action Items for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Living

I had this dream last week – very detailed – about working on my website. I’ve been admittedly absent from it lately, save for the (occasionally late) Windows on Wildlife posts over the past few weeks.  Our household is in transition as we move from a summer schedule to a fall schedule. Not only is […]

Earth Education, Environmental Education and Experiential Ed. – A Blended Approach.

Here’s an article I wrote a while back for Massachusetts Environmental Education Society’s publication The Observer. While this article is aimed at professional educators, I think there are important take-aways here for parents and anyone else who works with children. Some of what I address here is what I’ll be presenting at the MEES 2012 […]

We’re Featured on Green Life Buzz!

I’m thrilled to announce that the Withywindle Blog is being featured over at Green Life Buzz!  Green Life Buzz is an aggregate website that pulls together green news from all over the web, and posts it on their front page.  What I particularly like about it is they give you direct access to the news source(s). Your […]

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Our Lack of Winter – Is it Fooling With the Birds?

We’ve had an unusually warm winter here in the northeast, and from what (little) I understand, this isn’t restricted just to the northeastern part of the country. Yesterday on a financial radio show I heard that we’ve had the least amount of snow fall on record so far (the piece was really about the ski/snowboard […]

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Wolves in California for the 1st Time in 85 Years

This is both thrilling and depressing all at the same time. The San Francisco Chronicle reported several days ago (on December 30th, actually) that a wolf crossed over into California for the first time in 85 years – since they were extirpated from the state (although I wonder about individuals who might have migrated undetected). Apparently the […]

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