Differentiating Wild Canine Tracks from Domestic Canines

In a post about a tracking workshop I led a few years ago, I briefly mentioned how to differentiate coyote scat from that of a domestic dog’s. However scat isn’t always present when you’re tracking – you may have to backtrack a canid for a while before coming upon scat or other scent posts or […]

Wordless Wednesday: Flat Dog

  Wordless Wednesday 5 Minutes for Mom 

Windows on Wildlife: Thorin

Welcome to the 16th edition of  Windows on Wildlife!  If you have a recent post about wildlife you’d like to share – it can be anything: birds, insects, mammals – scroll down to the end of the post and add your site; a compilation of all additions will be posted the following week. Please don’t forget […]

Is That A Purebred?

I get this question from time to time when I’m out and about with Freya – our adopted German Shepherd. I wrote about her arrival from a kill-shelter in Alabama at my personal blog last year, but thought it might be time for a follow-up, now that she’s been with us for just over a […]

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Wordless Wednesday, A Walk With My Shepherd

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A Thursday Edition of Wordless Wednesday

I was so excited about  the really cool glow-in-the-dark millipedes, that I forgot all about doing Wordless Wednesday yesterday. So I’m making up for it today. I was inspired by Another Jennifer’s Wordless Wednesday post yesterday (thanks Jennifer!), so I’m sharing a photo of my beautiful girl Freya (with my youngest son in the background, […]

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