Stephen King’s Dark Tower Concordance

A limited, signed edition of Stephen King’s Dark Tower Concordance by Robin Furth has finally been released by Cemetery Dance (I pre-ordered this book literally years ago).   This is a huge, gorgeous volume, and is the definitive guide to the worlds within the 7-book epic Dark Tower story.  The author, Robin Furth, started as King’s […]

Dark Arts Books – Full Catalog Now Available

We’ve been carrying titles by Dark Arts Press for some time, but we now have their full line of books available including their newest title: “Mighty Unclean” (featuring work by Gary A. Braunbeck), which was recently added to the Bram Stoker Award ballot for Superior Achievement in an Anthology.  See all Dark Arts titles here. […]

Morpheus Tales Debut

Withywindle is please to announce that we will be carrying a brand new magazine titled Morpheus Tales. It’s a quarterly horror, science fiction and fantasy magazine featuring, as the publishers say, “the highest quality fiction, artwork and non-fiction.” Morpheus Tales is produced by Morpheus Press and the creators of Black Tears Magazine and Violent Spectres […]

New Vampire Fiction Arrives

We’ve recently connected with a new publisher who specializes in vampire fiction – By Light Unseen Media. They are based near us here in northern Massachusetts, and one of their authors – and their founder – Inanna Arthen has just released her debut novel Mortal Touch. We have several signed copies in stock, and unable […]

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