New Page In the Eastern Coyote / Coywolf Section at Withywindle Nature

I was reviewing the Eastern Coyote information that I’ve gathered and shared over the years, and realized recently that it was missing a concise history of canines in the northeastern US. I’ve covered most of it in several different blog articles, but I want it to be more accessible and all in one place. So […]

Windows on Wildlife: Help Protect the Gray Wolf

Welcome to the 28th edition of Windows on Wildlife!  This week’s edition is late getting published, so the deadline for linking up this week will be extended into the weekend.   If you have a recent post about wildlife you would like to share (it can be anything: birds, insects, mammals…) scroll down to the end of […]

Moving Forward for Wildlife and Conservation

CarbonNYC / Foter / CC BY I’m on the Center for Biodiversity’s mailing list, and received a terrific email from their Executive Director, Kieran Suckling yesterday. He talked about what needs to happen for us to move forward on critical issues facing wildlife now that the political dust is starting to settle. He fully outlined his ideas […]

Action Items for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Living

I had this dream last week – very detailed – about working on my website. I’ve been admittedly absent from it lately, save for the (occasionally late) Windows on Wildlife posts over the past few weeks.  Our household is in transition as we move from a summer schedule to a fall schedule. Not only is […]

Feeding Bears Leads to Increased Encounters with Wildlife (Duh)

Dear Residents of Northhamption Who Are Feeding Bears, Stop.  Please, just stop. What part of feeding bears seems like a wise decision to you? Is it the fact that they are the largest wild animals here in Massachusetts, or their unpredictable nature that makes this seem like a good idea? Is it the idea of bears tromping through […]

Encouraging Conservation: 13 Uses for the Trees On Your Property

Our property is defined by the big, towering pines that surround it.  We have a 1/2 acre of land that’s fairly open, ringed by these beautiful pines, and a few oaks and smaller red maples. I commented on Rambling Woods last week, that the pines specifically around our house make me nervous in high winds. They […]

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