Free Online Nature Study Class

Ages ago – back before the calamitous year of 2013 – I had begun work on a coyote monitoring project to track and record the movements of our local coyotes. Although I didn’t get far in my initial endeavor (2013 happened), I’ve started working on this project again and will be blogging my observations and […]

Are You Using Blogdash?

Just to be clear right off the bat, this isn’t an ad for Blogdash, I’m just curious to see if other bloggers have heard of them and/or tried their services. I received an invitation to join this site, which offers a way for businesses to connect with bloggers for paid blog posts on their sites, […]

Small Steps Forward

Let’s see, where am I at…  surgery was last week, went well and I meet with my team of doctors in mid-June to go over the rest of my treatment, which should be about 5 weeks of daily radiation, mostly likely followed by hormone therapy, all designed to keep the cancer from recurring. I wrote a […]

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Update and Upcoming posts

I had no idea how crazy this past week was going to be. If I had known, I would have gotten a Windows on Wildlife post put together in advance.  Hindsight being 20/20 and all that aside, I’m writing this post from the Manchester, NH airport while waiting for the first leg of my flight […]

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Blog Announcement Coming Soon!

To celebrate the (now belated) start of 2013, I’m really excited to share that the Withywindle Nature Blog has a new feature coming soon!  I don’t want to say much more now as things are still in the works. I’ll be sending the announcement out to our email list in a few days. The news […]

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Fighting the Inertia of Grieving

Many thanks to Tent Blogger, who’s post The Power of Inertia, finally got me writing a post, after long delay.  I’ve been trying hard not to feel guilty about being absent from my blog for so long. I love my blog, and I really love writing, but I was struggling for so long to just exist, […]

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