Windows on Wildlife: Choose Your Encounter – Bear or Wolf

Welcome to the 32nd edition of Windows on Wildlife! Issues are still a bit sporadic, but I’m slowly getting back on track. If you have a recent post or photo about wildlife you’d like to share (it can be anything: birds, insects, mammals…) scroll down to the end of the post and add your site. […]

Windows on Wildlife: Bear Tracks

Welcome to the 9th edition of Windows on Wildlife! If you have a recent post about wildlife you’d like to share – it can be anything: birds, insects, mammals – scroll down to the end of the post and add your site; a compilation of all additions will be posted the following week. Please don’t forget to […]

Feeding Bears Leads to Increased Encounters with Wildlife (Duh)

Dear Residents of Northhamption Who Are Feeding Bears, Stop.  Please, just stop. What part of feeding bears seems like a wise decision to you? Is it the fact that they are the largest wild animals here in Massachusetts, or their unpredictable nature that makes this seem like a good idea? Is it the idea of bears tromping through […]

Tracking Mystery Continued… Sort Of

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the faux bear tracks, I have this ridiculousness to share: My hunter colleague came into the office this morning, and I told him teasingly that he needed to work on his bear tracking skills.  Whoops.  He got pretty ruffled, and insisted that those tracks were indeed from a bear.  To the point where we […]

Bear Tracks! …Or Not

I phoned my boss the other morning to let him know I was running late coming in, and he was all excited to tell me that one of the staff at our center had found some bear tracks on our property.  I got really excited also – to have the opportunity to do some bear […]

Hibernating Bears and Living with Predators, Redux

It appears that I – and my handy-dandy mammalogy textbook – were wrong on the bears-not-hibernating front.  According to a fabulous bear resource I found today: (appropriately enough), bears DO hibernate. I know, go figure. Here’s an excerpt from their hibernating fact sheet (they say it far more eloquently than I could): When people […]

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