Weird Fiction Re-Visited

I was thinking about the classifcation of ‘weird fiction’ the other day (because I do these things) and tried to come up with a satisfactory definition for myself.  For me, it falls into the ‘I know it when I see it’ catagory, but that didn’t do anything for trying to come up with a working […]

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Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop Dates Announced

The dates for the annual Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop have been announced for this year: June 6 – July 15, 2011.  Odyssey is a 6-week workshop for writers in the sci-fi/fantasy/horror fields, and is held in Manchester, NH. It offers “developing writers intensive, professional critiques and advanced lectures on the major elements of genre writing.” […]

New J.K. Rowling Title to be Released

J.K. Rowling has announced the release of her newest book (actually, this is a revised re-release from a small number produced last December), The Tales of Beetle the Bard which is scheduled for December 4, 2008. Rowling’s official website ( says of the volume: “The new edition will include the Tales themselves, translated from the […]

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Readercon and More!

Well, my previous attempts at blogging were all aborted prior to completion, so let’s see how this goes… Here’s a quick update on what’s going on at Withywindle these days: We just got back from Readercon 19, and as usual had a blast. Disappointingly, several booksellers we’ve grown fond of were not present, and sales […]

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Ray Bradbury at the 2008 Eaton Conference

Falling under the category of ‘man, I wish I could do this’… Ray Bradbury will be the guest of honor at the Eaton Conference – Chronicling Mars. The Eaton Conference is being held from May 16 – 18 at the University of California, Riverside. Also in attendance at the conference will be: Gregory Bear, Gregory […]

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Boskone 45, Update 3

Saturday, 2/16/08 Although today hasn’t been as busy as we would have liked, I have to say that since this is only the second con we’ve sold at, all the contacts with other sellers and con-goers have been well worth the price of coming, regardless of what we sell. In addition to all the new […]

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