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Withywindle Nature Programs offer programming for school, scout, camp or homeschool groups on a wide variety of topics, designed to take place in the classroom, schoolyard or surrounding property.  Our programs meet MA and NH state standards and can be adapted to individual curriculum needs. All programs are hands-on and interactive.

Some program examples are below, although we can work with almost any natural history topic:
  • Predator/prey relationships and interactions:  A discussion and exploration-based program with materials such as pelts and skulls, used to demonstrate how animals have adapted to their niche roles in the natural world.
  • Animal tracking: Students spend time outdoors in the schoolyard or surrounding property, discovering signs of animal activity.  Interpretation of signs takes place through guided questioning and recording findings. Can be done any time during the year.
  • Winter Ecology: A guided trip out to the schoolyard will help students discover how plants and animals survive during the cold winter months in New England.  Topics such as hibernation, migration, coniferous vs. deciduous trees and more will be discussed and explored.
  • Wolves in New England: Wolves are charismatic and fascinating animals, and a terrific way to learn about animal adaptations and human/wildlife dynamics through stories, discussion, games and activities.
  • Forest Ecology: An interactive exploration of organisms and systems in northeastern forests. We explore the concepts of succession, habitats and ecosystem balance in the schoolyard or surrounding areas.
  • The Bear Facts: Black bears are becoming more common in New England communities every year. But many people are still afraid of them. Participants will learn the scientific facts about bears through writing, role-play and research. Junior biologists may blossom in this program!
  • Teambuilding: Communication, cooperation, leadership, problem solving, compromise. These are many of the skills needed for individuals to function as a successful team. Through games, initiatives and challenges, groups will discover whether they have the skills to be a functioning team, and how to cultivate them if not.
To book a program in north/central Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire, email:, or call: 978-855-3109.

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