Book Pending: Middle Eastern Stories for Environmental Stewardship Needs Your Help!

The Garden of Widsom, Middle Eastern Stories for Environmental StewardshipMichael Caduto, accomplished author, storyteller and musician is working on the release of a new book of Middle Eastern stories called The Garden of Wisdom: Middle Eastern Stories for Environmental Stewardship. Michael is the author of many environmental education books which have become standards in our industry: Keepers of the Earth, Keepers of the Animals, A Guide to Nature in Freshwater Environments and more are found on many educator’s bookshelves (including mine).

This current book is a new angle on not only environmental education, but ways to find peace in the middle east. The potential this book brings as valuable resource in our rapidly evolving world is considerable. Please consider helping my friend and colleague Michael bring this book to publication – our world needs these stories now more than ever.  The need for funding is urgent, their deadline is this Tuesday, March 7 – visit to contribute. Please see the press release below for more information.

Young Women Bird Watching, Palestine Wildlife Society

Photo courtesy of Palestine Wildlife Society

You can help children and nature while building peace in the Middle East

March 7 is the final day to donate and help us reach our funding goal!

From Egypt to Hawaii, and from Quebec, Oregon, Florida and Utah—people from around the world have donated to support a groundbreaking program in the Middle East that uses indigenous stories and science to teach children about nature and the environment. This decade-long effort involves more than 20 organizations and 50 individuals, including traditional storytellers, educators, and conservation leaders in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine—a courageous community of professionals whose passion for preserving nature is a stepping-stone for peaceful partnerships and collaboration.

The manuscript, The Garden of Wisdom: Middle Eastern Stories for Environmental Stewardship, is complete and ready for publication. Artists and photographers are illustrating this inspiring anthology of children’s stories that reveal nature, the environment, and its stewardship as a common bond that unites cultures and communities throughout the Middle East.

Illustration from Garden of Wisdom, Middle Eastern Stories for Environmental Stewardship, Odelia Lipshiz, illustrator

Illustration by Odelia Lipshiz, copyright 2017

JUST 3 DAYS TO GO and the campaign is getting close to reaching the goal of raising the necessary funds to publish and distribute books to schools and environmental organizations across the Middle East. Please visit The Garden of Wisdom campaign at the following web page to watch the video and find out how you can make a tax-deductible contribution today:

Help us to promote environmental education and conservation in the Middle East – one person, one organization and one story at a time. Help our children to recognize the common threads that unite us all in the global community.


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