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As part of the free nature study program I’m running through the blog, I have created several resources that will be offered free to class participants.  How do you become a class participant? Simply by sharing your experiences each class in the comments section. It doesn’t matter when – the class is self-directed so you can join any time and take as long as needed between classes. And I’ve only published the first two; the third class will be available after January 1st. If you are joining us and let me know in the comments, I will email you the resources as they become available.

Nature Calendar Small Pic

The first item, available now, is a month-by-month guide to nature study with ideas and resources for each month.  It’s a 3 page document, with the first and second pages suitable for printing, and a third page of resources. If you are a member of the Withywindle Nature News mailing list, you will receive a link to the calendar in the next issue coming out later this week. If you’re not yet on the mailing list (it goes out no more than once a month), sign up below! It’s free and I send out bookstore coupons, free goodies and news for and about the Withywindle community.

Coming later in the program will be a tracking guide and a bird identification guide, available during the tracking and birding classes respectively. Neither of these is an identification guide. They are more like “cheat sheets” for learning the broader skills of tracking and birding. There are plenty of good field guides already out there; I’d rather give my participants the information on what they’re looking for (or at) and why it’s important for identification purposes.

Will you be joining us through email or the class comments? Either way I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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  1. Hi Cynthia.. I am on the email list and appreciate anything you send and thank you for the time you take to put into it… Michelle

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