Windows on Wildlife: Turkey Tracks

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I don’t know what was with the turkeys this fall and winter – they were everywhere like a plague.  They’re STILL everywhere.  Despite this winter’s near complete lack of snow, the opportunity to observe turkey tracks (never mind the animals themselves…) were numerous. Here’s one shot I took from the front of our Center’s Lodge. The boot track below the turkey prints are a woman’s 8.5 for scale.


Last week, Michelle at Rambling Woods mused about the connections between wildlife and human behavior. Check out her post if you haven’t yet!

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2 Responses to “Windows on Wildlife: Turkey Tracks”
  1. and I haven’t seen any turkey recently….Thanks for the guess about the jay, oriole encounter….I always love to see a little guy take on the bigger and smarter I wish something would kick some grackle behind as there are too many at the feeders..thanks for highlighting my post….Michelle

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