Withywindle Nature Programs

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  Withywindle Nature Programs provides interactive, hands-on environmental education programs to school, public and private groups that foster environmentally literate citizens. Visit our calendar for information on our public program offerings. Our natural history programs are run by professional naturalist Cynthia Menard, with occasional collaboration from other environmental education providers.  For more on Cynthia see […]

Nature Photography

Luna Moths_mid size

Withywindle Nature offers some of the photography taken by Cynthia & Obo Menard for sale at our bookstore: Withywindle Books. Click on an image below to be taken to a larger image at our art gallery.   Unless otherwise noted, prints are available for sale in a 5×7 format with acid-free mounting on color matting […]

The Eastern Coyote

Howling Coyote

The Eastern Coyote or Coywolf as it’s starting to be called, is a variant of the western coyote (Canis latrans) that hybridized with eastern (Canis lycaon) and red (Canis rufus) wolves when coyotes migrated east during the early and mid-twentieth century. Eastern coyotes/coywolves are the large canine species that now resides in the northeastern US in almost all […]

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